Do you want your candybusiness? I will teach you how to make money from caramel!

You need only 2 days and 200 dollars.
1 day.
We study:
– raw materials and ingredients for making caramel – 2-3 recipes (isomalt, glucose and citric acid, sugar and vinegar);
– options for storage and packaging of finished products;
– what is needed from the inventory and equipment for conducting master classes, both stationary and on-site;
– the use of food dyes, flavorings and flavor additives, fillers (flowers, candied fruit, fruits and various fillers), methods of coloring products, methods of decorating confectionery products. Type of dye, obtaining transparent and matte caramel with the help of dyes.
– Basic caramel collection techniques (pouring caramel, plastic caramel for artistic sculpting, satin caramel for forming products, caramel with pictures and food additives for decorating cakes).
We have practice – cooking several recipes, creating caramel mass, making lollipops with flower buds, with candied fruit. Popsicles with edible paper.

2 day.
– the technique of artistic sculpting from caramel of simple products for the decoration of a candy bar, both with the use of molds or wieners to create relief prints, and sculpting only by hand;
– different techniques of working with molds and wieners to create a more diverse assortment or use individual elements to create complete compositions, caramel panels or candy bars;
– use of caramel blanks prepared in advance for conducting workshops (options for using blanks in away master classes for caramel appliqués).
Practice, making lollipops of your choice: any mulhero, multi-colored lollipops (sticks, lollipops), decorations for cakes in the form of inscriptions, letters, butterflies.

After the basic course, you will be able to conduct field workshops on caramel, make for sale lollipops with fillings, using molds, sculpt with your hands, etc.
Then, after this course, you can purchase a specified number of days on topics that interest you.
The cost of 1 day is 100 dollars:
– Rocks-caramel course – at least 4 days.
– disassembly and sculpting by hand of any A4 size logo – 1 day.
– production of swans – 1 day.
– making lollipops for decorating cakes in a marine theme – 1 day.
– production of different flower buds, bouquets, making compositions – 1-2 days.
– sculpting human figurines or faces – from 2 day.

All questions on the course
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